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Professional chimney sweeping in Kettering, Corby Wellingborough, Desborough, Rothwell & Northampton

Top Sweep is a reputable chimney cleaning company offering efficient services to domestic and commercial customers alike. From clearing blockages to removing bird nests, we specialise in all aspects of chimney sweeping.

Qualified professional service you can rely on

At Top Sweep, our skilled professional service will offer a perfect chimney cleaning solution for your property. Whether a small domestic property or a large commercial space, you can rely on us for high standard chimney sweep. We use the latest hi-tech rotary system which removes twice as much soot from the chimney compared to a conventional brush, ensuring you get the best results!

We don't have fixed business hours, we are available at any time convenient to you. We are also open for discussing your chimney problems and offering in-depth advice.

In addition to providing chimney cleaning services, we also supply caps and cowls.
Getting It Right 
Moisture Meter 

Complete chimney cleaning services

Top Sweep offers complete chimney cleaning services. You can rely on us for:

  • Clearing blocked chimneys

  • Tar removal

  • Bird nest removal

  • Chimneys sweeps

  • Smoke testing

  • Commercial and domestic services

  • CCTV Inspections

  • Certificates issued

  • Flexible business hours

  • Stoves


We serve areas across in Kettering, Corby Wellingborough, Desborough, Rothwell & Northampton


We also allow for commercial contracts for estate agents and landlord agencies. Please get in touch for a complete quote.

Bird nest removal from your chimney

Is a bird's nest in your chimney leaving you worried? Do not panic, Top Sweep is here to help you. Being a specialist bird nest removal company, we clear up the nests leaving your home clean and tidy. We use various techniques such as brushing and vacuuming to ensure complete safety and cleanliness of your home.

Useful Tools  
For efficient chimney cleaning in Kettering, Corby Wellingborough, Desborough, Rothwell & Northampton, call Top Sweep on 
07971 545669
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